Helping biz bosses like make changes from the soul level on down to the systems level.

Does this sound familiar?

Being my own boss will be the BEST.

I can work from home!
In my yoga pants!
I can do whatever I want!
I will have SO. MUCH. FREEDOM.

Then reality sets in, and you’re like…

Am I ever leaving my house again?
When was the last time I washed these?
Wait, what exactly do I want?
When is that freedom-thing showing up?
Was I supposed to get a tracking number? Or… ???


Friend, I hear you.

My story started in the exact same place.

When I worked in a day job I didn’t love, doing work I didn’t love, and starting my own business sounded like the best idea ever.

It wasn’t long after starting my first of many business ventures that reality set in: 

I had so much time, but so little time. 
I could do anything I wanted, but what did I actually want? 
Was I ever going to see my friends again? Or talk to someone other than my hubby?
I felt so lonely... 

I knew I was good at what I was doing, but was I fulfilled? 

I couldn’t really say “yes” to that, so the answer must be “no.”
But HOW? I was doing my own thing! Working from home!

Over time, I worked to streamline my systems, get faster, serve my clients above and beyond.


BUT, the hard truth is that you can’t streamline yourself into a business you actually like.


Running the business of your dreams starts from the vision-level.

It starts from within, asking the question:


So, I started there - with that vision - and worked backward.


It seems like I fell into coaching on accident.
But as soon as I started helping my biz friends & colleagues execute on their big vision + little details, finally creating and running their actual dream business? 

I felt it.  


From that fulfillment, I started to craft my own vision of freedom, and I built my systems & services around that.

Chelsea B. Foster

You can’t build anything that will stay standing unless you start from the bottom, establish the foundation, make sure you’re standing on good ground, that you have a plan in place that will help you build the ultimate vision you have for your life. 

From there, you can start laying bricks.

Chelsea B. Foster

That’s exactly how I began this business! 

And, I love it SO SO MUCH!

Ready to find that same fulfillment? Let's chat!

Oops, we’re already soul sisters, and I haven’t actually introduced myself.

Let's fix that!


It's my mission to empower creatives, bloggers, and coaches to break the cycle of overwhelm and burnout, and scale beyond their dreams... they can step into that lifestyle of freedom
they actually want and truly deserve
and they can do it right now.


And, I’m somewhat of a Renaissance Woman

I have LOTS of skills:

✓ Organization (physical + digital)
✓ Learning tech (of any kind)
✓ Binge watching TV all day without getting tired
✓ Graphic design
✓ Coding
✓ Teaching (I used to teach high school science)
✓ Loving hard on everyone around me
✓ Troubleshooting anything
✓ Seeing the big picture
✓ Executing the little details

I have LOTS of faves:

✓ Gilmore Girls
✓ Veronica Mars
✓ Essential oils
✓ Mindset work + journaling
✓ Books (fiction, self-help, gimme all of ‘em)
✓ Hugging
✓ Being a night owl
✓ Meat & cheese trays (charcuterie boards are my fave!)
✓ Pumpkin anything (all year long!)
✓ Dark chocolate
✓ Red wine
✓ Coffee
✓ Black Tea

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Chelsea B Foster |  empower creatives, bloggers, and coaches break the cycle of overwhelm and burnout, and scale beyond their dreams so they can step into that lifestyle of freedom they actually want and truly deserve -- and they can do it right now. |

Are you ready to uplevel your biz? We’re talking from soul all the way to systems.

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