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Hello friend!

I'm Chelsea. I help unorganized and stressed out creative business owners develop their workflows so they can serve more clients and finally get a full night's sleep.

I teach busy creative business owners how to organize their workflows and their businesses with education, consultation, & coaching so they can quit feeling stuck in the day-to-day and finally feel like they are making progress on their big goals & finding the freedom they crave.

I'm known for my organization skills, my attention to detail, and my desire to always find a better way of doing things. I geek out over productivity tools and love sharing everything I know with other small business owners.

I live in Silicon Valley with my hubby (Founder & CEO of Zapier) and furbaby (Banjo), but have deep roots in the Midwest. I was born and raised in mid-Missouri. I'm a hugger and a night owl, love dark chocolate, red wine, coffee, and black tea. And I have been known to spend an entire day laying on the couch reading or binge watching Netflix or Hulu.



I can’t wait to meet you!