Navigating Anxiety, Unhappiness, and Burnout to Create Your Own Version of Success with Jessica Rodriguez

Jessica's roller coaster journey of becoming an entrepreneur starting with Jessica craving a way to gain some level of control in her life. Despite finding early success, Jessica began to struggle with anxiety and depression that was brought on by being overwhelmed and buried by work she no longer loved. Today, though, Jessica runs a business she loves helping women expand beyond their 1:1 services.

In this episode, she shares her heart, her story and the lessons she's learned along her journey. She also reminds us that to be successful in life and in your business, your happiness and mental health is paramount.

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Taking Inspired, Aligned Action & Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies in Your Business with Kelly Marcyniuk

Kelly Marcyniuk is the founder of The Freedom Babe - a platform, brand and tribe that teaches millennial women how to design a life that makes people wonder if you even have a job. Today she’s here to teach us how to recognize and balance our two dual energies - the feminine and the masculine (or left-brain/right brain). She's also sharing how to use the two energies for our benefit in our business, what happens when the two energies get out of balance and how to fix it, and how to manifest money daily.

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Biz Real Talk: Feeling Uninspired Sometimes is Normal + What To Do About It

Everyone says owning your own business is a roller coaster full of ups and downs -- but we often only get to see the ups. Even though we all have those downs too. So today I'm breaking the silence on feeling down in your business and how we all feel uninspired sometimes. Plus I'm sharing what I'm doing to help me get re-inspired and feel connected to my business again and how you can do it too.

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Using Systems to Help You Scale Your Business Fast with Avani Miriyala

Avani Miriyala helps freelancers get more dream clients and scale sustainably to 6-figures and beyond. 

On this episode, she gives tips for how you can work less, get more clients, add massive value, and make a whole lot of money using the right systems. She also is sharing how to get started as a freelancer and some of her favorite systems for creating sustainable growth.

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How to Write Goals That You Feel Connected to and Will Actually Achieve

When you’re writing your goals, do you ever feel like you’re guessing at what you want to accomplish? Like you feel like you should be going after this thing or that thing? In this episode I’m sharing a better way to go about writing your goals and deciding where you want to be at the end of the quarter or year. 

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Creating Brand Visuals That Inspire with Kelly McElroy of Star Castle Studio

Often we think branding is just our logo - but it’s so much more than that! Your visuals are just as important as your words when it comes to attracting your ideal client.

Today Kelly McElroy is joining me to share how you can use your visuals to create a brand that inspires both you and your audience, internal and external clues you’re ready to work with a brand expert, how to find the right designer when you are ready, and what files you should make sure to get from your designer at the end of the project.

If you are pivoting, thinking about a rebrand, or just want to know what the heck a designer can do for you - this episode is for you!

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The Power of Saying "No"

If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, there's a good chance it's because you are over-scheduled and over-committed. Those things happen when we say yes to too many things and aren't discerning about the opportunities that come to us. We just take everything that comes our way and hope for the best. But by learning to say "no" to the things that aren't a good fit, we actually create more space for the things that we really want to say "yes" to.

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Building Relationships through Co-Working Spaces with Megan Hemphill of Firebrand Collective

Megan started as a photographer balancing toddlers and the life of a solopreneur. The loneliness of running her own business eventually inspired her to open a co-working space that would help other entrepreneurs collaborate and make connections.

Now she runs Firebrand Collective, a Kansas City co-working space created by women, for women. Megan shares her journey of how she balances personal life and business, tell-tale signs that you may need a co-working space, and the benefits of joining one.

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Showing Up Consistently On Social Media with Kirsten Atkins of Socially Boutique

Showing up consistently on social media is a struggle - especially when you are just starting out. But it doesn't have to be! And Kirsten Atkins from Socially Boutique is here today to share just how easy it can me to show up consistently. Kirsten is giving us straight-forward, actionable ideas for taking back control of our social media so it's no longer overwhelming. Plus how to encourage your audience to engage more with your content.

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How to Stay Productive While Working from Home with Shaunae Teske & Sarah Schrader

We've all been there - we start our business thinking, "This is great! I'll finally have the freedom to do what I want when I want." And it's great for a week or two. But then we realize we actually have to get stuff done on a consistent basis. Figuring out how to be your own boss and stay productive when there are a thousand things around the house calling for your attention can be a job in and of itself. But with a little practice and some discipline, you too can be a productive work-from-home entrepreneur!

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Overcoming Your Fears and Learning to Rewrite the Stories in Your Head with Tonya Vanderhart

Tonya is a Mindset Coach that works with ambitious female athletes & entrepreneurs to create a mindset for success by overcoming fears and reprogramming limiting beliefs.

In today's episode she is sharing how to recognize and identify your fears, ask yourself the hard questions, and rewrite the stories we tell ourselves around those fears. One of the best ways to do this is through journaling and Tonya's got a ton of journaling tips and tricks for you - especially if you've never journaled before.

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A Different Approach to Goal Setting In 2019

It's the time of year when we all start thinking about our goals for the next year. And this year I noticed some things about myself that are leading me to try a new way of setting goals for 2019. In today's episode I'm sharing why I'm looking for a different goal setting strategy, what I'm trying, and when I absolutely think you should stick to traditional goal setting strategies (like the SMART method).

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Moving Forward and Staying Positive with Suzanne Ryan

Ever felt like you weren't worthy of success? Or that you weren't going to make it so why even try?

I'm betting the answer is yes - because we ALLLL feel that way at some point.

But you know what? We don't have to get stuck there. And today, my guest Suzanne Ryan is sharing how she took back control of her story and is now helping other amazing men and women do the same in their lives!

Her positivity and warm energy is infectious and so uplifting! So it's completely understandable how vulnerability with her own personal story to a happy, healthy lifestyle caught the attention and inspired so many people. Just in the past year alone, she's released a best-selling book and appeared on 3 national TV shows, including @livekellyandryan and @dr_oz!

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Boosting Your SEO + Using Google Ads to Your Advantage with Kate Killoran

Kate Killoran is a growth strategist for female entrepreneurs and small business owners. She takes business' stories, visions, and energy, and creates kickass growth strategies that cater to your audience with today's authenticity-driven world in mind.

When you find yourself overwhelmed, and need that one stop resource to grow your brand - Kate's it. In this episode, she’s sharing her tips on how to easily boost your SEO and ads game without making it complicated or overwhelming at all.

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