Work Schedules for Success

2018- 05 MayEBL Blog Title.png

In this workshop we covered:

  • How to think about your work week

  • How to use your natural rhythm and energy levels to determine when to do certain tasks

  • How to block your time out for certain tasks

  • How to add flexibility in your schedule

  • and more!


This is a longer training (we ended up being on the call for almost 2 hours), but a lot of that was the workshop piece.  And we did go off on a couple tangents in there, but I hope they were useful. 

I shared a little peek at this during the training but finished it up after the call ended. Here's what I've come up with for my ideal work schedule that I'm going to try out starting in June. It's not perfect, but it's a start and a great framework for helping me stay balanced.

I'm cutting back to just working 4 days per week and client work only on 2 days (with time available for overflow work during busy weeks). I blocked out my content day so I know which tasks to be working on during each block. Getting consistent on releasing content and having an actual content strategy is one of my goals for June and into Q3, so blocking off times to do each piece will help me as I learn the habit of content creation. 

Having this in my Google Calendar allows me to set reminders for myself as I practice the habit of blocking my time and focusing on one tasks at a time. (Tip: I save this schedule on a separate calendar from my appointments (I call it "Weekly Schedule") so it doesn't interfere with my clients and biz friends scheduling appointments in Acuity Scheduling.) 

If you are curious about more information regarding time blocking, I highly recommend perusing The Productivity Paradox Podcast. Tonya Dalton is one of my absolute favorite people to listen to and she is always bringing amazing research on to her podcast. 

I want to see/hear about your work schedules! What's coming up for you as you try to set it? Do you have any resistance anywhere? Trying to figure out how to fit it all in? Comment below so we can support each other. 

And VIPs - remember that you get a free coffee chat with me each quarter. We can definitely use that time to work on your schedule if you'd like. Not a VIP? Upgrade at any time!