Helping biz bosses like make changes from the soul level on down to the systems level.

I can smell burnout from a mile away.

… and it’s not a good look on anyone.


It smells like a combination of:

✔️ too many days of dry shampoo
✔️ too much blue light
✔️ a diet of lunchables, brunchables, and dinnerables
✔️ dangerous level of caffeine intake (you're basically hooked up to an IV)

...and GUILT. A lot of it.


You probably feel like you’re not reaching your true potential in business, because you can’t get your head on straight.

But you also feel GUILTY that you don’t have any of the freedom you promised yourself – or your family & friends – when you started this thing.


I’m here to help you get your head back on straight, so you can stop running and start intentionally stepping toward the vision of freedom you dream about on the daily.


“Okay, how can I get started?”

I thought you’d never ask.

Because every business has unique needs, you have options when you work with me.
Choose the style of help you want, or keep scrolling to find your perfect fit.

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Private Coaching

1:1 business coaching to help you kick burnout & overwhelm to the curb and get to the next level.

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Group Coaching

Group programs designed to meet you where you are and help you get to the where you want to go.

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Membership Community

Learn, grow, & connect with other amazing creative entrepreneurs & coaches. Plus get the accountability you’re craving.


School’s cool, so let’s get to class!

There’s a program for everyone at every stage of business. Find your perfect fit!

Copy of Copy of Prep School

You're just getting started (or pivoting) and want to lay a good foundation!


You've been doing this a while, but still feel like you're ALWAYS in hustle mode and don't know how to get out.


You're rocking your biz and you're ready to SCALE, but aren't sure how to get started.


Not sure what class you belong in? Let’s chat!


Feel like 1:1 is more your style? I’ve got you covered!

The process is the same for all programs - group or private. Keep reading to find out how the magic happens.


Trust the process


‘Meet’ your teacher.

Schedule a 15-minute chat with me to find your best fit. (Optional, but highly recommended)


Make it official.

Enroll in class. (School supply shopping optional, but definitely encouraged.)


Crush your goals!

Find freedom on your terms.
(No tracking number needed.)


Meet your teacher...


Hey there! I’m Chelsea!
I’ve been told I’m like the swiss army knife of biz coaches.

I live in Silicon Valley with my hubby (founder & CEO of Zapier) and furbaby (Banjo). I’m from the midwest, so I hug a lot and smile a lot.

It’s my mission to empower creatives, bloggers, and coaches to break the cycle of overwhelm and burnout, and scale beyond their dreams...

... so they can step into that LIFESTYLE OF FREEDOM they actually want and truly deserve - and they can do it right now.


And, I’m somewhat of a Renaissance Woman…
you can read more about all my loves, how I got into coaching, and why I’m so passionate about my methods) over on the about page.

Ready to get started burnout-proofing your biz & life?


Get ready for a few more course details…


Is Private Coaching more your style?

I’ve got you covered!


Private coaching is perfect when you want that individualized attention you can’t get in group programs. (Although, my programs come pretty darn close!)

Each coaching session is tailored specifically to your and your business. I meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be. You’ll get clear on your goals, develop a plan to get there, and execute like the amazing boss you are!

You’ll also get unlimited support so you never have to feel stuck or like you are alone. And never get to Friday without anything checked off your list or a reason to celebrate your success.

Half the battle of this entrepreneurship thing is believing in yourself and knowing that you can do this.

And sometimes we need someone to help us see just how awesome and capable we are so we can truly believe it ourselves.

Psst… Do you like a group program AND want private coaching? Ask me about going VIP during the group program.


Not sure exactly what you need?
Or how your biz is really doing?
Or what next steps to take?

You need a Strategy Session.

In your 60-minute strategy session, you’ll get clear on how to get from where you are to where you want to be. Plus, a week of support will hold you accountable to getting it done! 


In your 60-minute strategy session, you’ll get clear on how to get from where you are to where you want to be. Plus, a week of support will hold you accountable to getting it done!


You're just an hour away from knocking out a project on your to-do list.