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the no-headaches way to schedule meetings (without looking at your calendar)


Do you get filled with dread when someone asks to schedule a meeting with you? Afraid of the thousand and one back and forth emails trying to find a time that works for both of you? 

Whether you are scheduling meetings with clients, colleagues, or even your biz besties - learn how to take the anxiety out of the equation and be able to schedule your meetings without even looking at your calendar. 

Join me in April's Free Workshop as we learn THE NO-HEADACHES WAY TO SCHEDULE MEETINGS.

We'll take a look at two of the most popular scheduling apps - Acuity Scheduling & Calendly and how they can keep you from pulling out your hair and feel a total sense of calm when someone asks to schedule a meeting with you. 

By the end of the free workshop you'll be able to:

  • Decide which scheduling app is better for YOU and why
  • Create meeting types that match your biz practices
  • Set your availability quickly and easily (plus integrate with your Google Calendar)
  • Customize your settings to prevent meeting fatigue & overwhelm
  • Feel confident sending your scheduling link to your clients, colleagues, and biz besties
  • and more!

Note: There will not a replay of this workshop, so make sure you can attend live!


Both Acuity Scheduling & Calendly are AMAZING! If you already know which one you want for your biz, you can grab it at the link below.*  Both have free plans, so feel free to sign up for both and play around with them. 


Workshop Details:

Online so you can join from your couch or the beach!
WHEN:     Monday, April 16th -- 3pm Pacific | 5pm Central, or
                 Tuesday, April 17th -- 11am Pacific | 1pm Central, or
There will not be a replay, so make sure you can attend live!

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Sick of watching webinar after webinar without actually implementing anything? Tired of attending workshops that didn't actually help you move your business forward? 

Me too, friend! That's why I've created these workshops.

As a former teacher, I know how important it is to practice new skills, to implement new knowledge, to have access to help when you need it. That's why I'm keeping the training short and giving you plenty of time to implement your new knowledge right there with me on the call. 

During each workshop we will: 

  • Get together on a live video call where you get to see & hear me and all the other attendees (and I get to see & hear you too! Don't worry, yoga pants and messy buns are completely acceptable.) 
  • Go through a short 20-ish minute training on how to accomplish one or two things related to today's topic.
  • Co-work for 15-20 minutes and actually implement the thing right there on the call. Get stuck? I'm there to help right on the call - just like if you were in a classroom or in-person training.
  • Have an open Q&A about anything related to this month's topic. Click here to submit questions prior to the call.
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I'm Chelsea! And I help busy, overwhelmed, stressed out, and unorganized creative entrepreneurs get organized and find their freedom. Read more about me.