GSD Session - April 7, 2018

Here's the replay of our first Get Stuff Done Session. We'll be doing another one the week of April 16th. I'll be getting your input on what day and time work best - so keep an eye out for that. 

Huge thanks to Beatriz for showing up live and knocking out some of her to-do list!


Here's what we accomplished:


  • completed all of her pinnable images for her upcoming 3 blog posts,
  • added them to her blog posts,
  • scheduled the blog posts,
  • created the email for her freebie opt-in, and
  • created 6 other pinnable images for previous posts. 


And I...  

  • finished an email (that I've been working on for a couple days) for my list and sent it, and
  • wrote 4 blog posts (2 for my main blog and 2 for y'all!). 


I cannot tell you how good it feels to get so much finished. And now we have the rest of the weekend to relax and not think about work. 

The Replay

Note: The pauses between sprints (where there is a "no video" image) were actually 45 minutes. I just paused the recording. ;) If you are doing this at home, hit pause when the "no video" image comes on and work for 45 minutes. Then come back to the video.  

GSD Sessions.png

Upcoming GSD Sessions:

Be sure to mark them on your calendar! 

Week of April 16th - Time & Date TBD
Saturday, May 5th @ 10am-noon Pacific | noon-2pm Central
Week of May 14th - Time & Date TBD
Saturday, June 2nd @ 10am-noon Pacific | noon-2pm Central