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Are you ready to organize your business, learn how to use all your tools, & have an amazing, supportive community to help you?

Join the Empowered Boss Lab today to start getting things done on a consistent basis and finally feel like you've got it all under control!


So you thought you started your business TO GAIN FREEDOM, but the exact opposite has happened.


You feel even more restricted and stifled than in your 9-5. You never have time to hang out with your friends and family, let alone get a full night’s sleep. You know it’s possible. You’ve seen the experts make it happen. But you don’t see how you can do it yourself.

You’ve watched webinar after webinar that promises to give you freedom, to organize your business, to make running your own business easy and profitable.

You're waiting for the day your business will finally let you live the life of your dreams - be able to take a vacation, spend time with friends and family, actually get some sleep?



You sit down at your computer and stare blankly, not sure what to work on even though you know you have a TON of work to do.

And you've got all the experts in your ear saying you should be using this tool and that tool, but your head spins just thinking about using anything more than your phone.

On top of that, you know you need to serve more clients to meet your profitability goals, but you can't figure out how to do it without sacrificing your clients' experience or losing even more sleep and family time. 

You started your business to chase your dreams, to have the freedom to live life on your own terms, but all you've found so far is loneliness, frustration, and fear.  

What if I told you that...






The Empowered Boss Lab by Chelsea B Foster - for boss ladies to learn, collaborate, experiment, and create their dream life. Join today at

THE EMPOWERED BOSS LAB is a membership site aimed at helping you finally get organized in your biz, know the right tools for you and your biz (and learn how to use them), discover the routine that allows you to serve more clients, and find more freedom to reach for your big dreams in biz and life.


I tried my hardest to stay productive on my own… But then The Empowered Boss Lab opened. I decided to try it out for the first three months to see if it was something that was going to help my business or if it was going to take more time.

And then we had our first GSD Session and I was completely hooked. You have no idea how much I got done on that session. Honestly I thought it was a fluke. But then the same thing happened over and over and over again.

And I realized that I could spend my week doing the things I like to do and use the GSD Sessions to do the things I don’t like to do. I was able to get them off my to-do list during GSD Sessions. That small part of EBL has been incredible! It has been a major help and boost in productivity in my business.

- Beatriz Cabarollo, Thirty Eight Visuals

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I’m a huge believer (obsessed, actually) in organization, in having a system and a plan, of finding a better, more efficient way of doing things. I’m also a huge believer in sharing and giving, which is why I’m sharing everything I’ve learned from years of research and experimentation. And why I’m pouring out my heart the my members.


As a former teacher, I know that you can't learn a new skill by simply reading a blog post or watching a webinar. You need to actually practice it and try it out.


This is a huge reason I teach every training in a workshop format - where you actually get to practice and implement right there during the training! If you aren't experiencing what you are learning and putting it into practice, you aren't going to retain it. You're not going to be able to figure out how to apply it to your own business. And you're not going to be able to implement it. 


The Empowered Boss Lab is all about practicing skills and implementing them in your business. 


You have big dreams for your business and your life. I want to help you learn how to create the systems, learn the tools, and master organizational techniques to support you achieving all of your dreams and more!

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Here’s what’s waiting for you inside your membership:

  • Exclusive monthly workshops & challenges to help you master new skills, find the right tools, and create your dream life. ($400+ value each month)

  • Access to the EBL Workshop Library for the life of your membership. The Workshop Library includes every workshop or challenge I’ve ever taught - at your fingertips. ($5,000 value)

  • Private Facebook Community to ask all your questions and to get support & accountability from me and the other members. ($1000 value)

Upgrade to VIP and you’ll also gain access to:

  • Twice-monthly Get Stuff Done Sessions to help you, well, get stuff done! ($500 value each)

  • Quarterly 30-minute coffee chats with Chelsea to strategize, brainstorm, or just get to know each other better ($200 each)




Exclusive monthly workshops + access to the EBL Workshop Library

  • Exclusive monthly workshops & challenges on productivity & workflow topics (like setting up your scheduling app, organizing your workflow with Asana or Trello, etc.) to help you master your organization skills, create your dream systems, and learn the tools that will free up your time to chase your big dreams and live your dream lifestyle.

  • These workshops & challenges are exclusive to members and are not available to the public.

  • Members have access to replays inside the Workshop Library for the lifetime of their membership.

  • Attendees will walk away having not only learned a new skill or tool, but also implemented it in their business.

  • The EBL Workshop Library contains the replay to every workshops I’ve ever taught - both EBL exclusive workshops and public workshops. ($5,000+ value) Dive into pretty much any topic you want. Don’t see something you want in there? Request a specific topic and I’ll get it on the calendar!


Private Facebook Community

  • You’ve got questions about your biz, let’s get them answered! I’ll go live periodically in the FB group to answer any questions you have. Ask me anything about workflows, productivity, getting stuff done, motivation, etc. so you can stop stressing and start implementing.

  • Connect with other members. Cheer each other on, get support, and find a family of empowered women that are running successful businesses on their own terms.

  • Accountability - Each week we’ll be sharing our accountability tasks inside the group. Participate to get an added level of support and encouragement.


Twice-monthly “Get Stuff Done” Sessions (VIP only)

  • Get Stuff Done sessions are my favorite ways to tackle big projects.

  • VIPs meet twice a month for 2 hours to do two sprint sessions, where you focus on accomplishing business-level tasks (not client work!).

  • Some of my favorite tasks during sprint sessions include: writing a blog post, getting to inbox zero, project management maintenance, setting up a new system, creating and testing new zaps (on Zapier), writing copy for your site or social media, setting up a FB ad, etc.

  • These are highly beneficial because you’re working alongside other amazing biz bosses, getting stuff done and making things happen!

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Quarterly 30-min. calls with Chelsea (VIP only)

  • VIPs get direct, one-on-one, access to me!

  • Each quarter you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for a coffee chat with me.

  • 30-minute chats about anything you want - get to know each other better, strategy sessions, help setting something up - you decide.





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  • MONTHLY WORKSHOPS & CHALLENGES exclusively for members
  • Private FACEBOOK COMMUNITY for members to connect and interact ($1000 value)
  • EBL WORKSHOP LIBRARY with replays to all CBF workshops ($5000+ value)



or $99 / quarter
(save 15%)

  • MONTHLY WORKSHOPS & CHALLENGES exclusively for members
  • Private FACEBOOK COMMUNITY for members to connect and interact ($1000 value)
  • EBL WORKSHOP LIBRARY with replays to all CBF workshops ($5000 value)


  • VIP: Twice-monthly GSD Sessions ($500 value each)
  • VIP: Quarterly Coffee Chats with Chelsea ($300 value)



or $179 / quarter
(save 25%)


If you are a creative business owner and are tired of wasting your time doing the same tasks over and over, of spending your whole day at work, of “winging it” with your clients and projects. If you know there has to be a better way of doing things - a better life - this membership is for you.

Inside the membership, you are going to get hands-on training and help implementing the tools, systems, and automations that will give you the freedom to chase your big business and life dreams and actually achieve them today - not in 10 years.


What is your Refund/Cancellation Policy?

You may cancel your membership before any payment is completed. Once payment is received, no refunds can be made for that membership period (either month or quarter). Membership can be cancelled directly in the “My Account” Section of the membership site.

I already have a bunch of business memberships, do I really need another one?

I'll be honest - you don't. But the fact that you are searching tells me that you probably haven't found what you need in the others. This membership is so unique. If you are ready to get your workflows and biz tools organized in a way that works for you, then this membership is right for you. I'm going to give you recommendations for what would work for you and your productivity/organizational styles, not just what I do. And then teach you how to use and implement it all.

What's the difference between BASIC and VIP memberships?

VIPs get extra perks and more time with me. They are eligible for coffee chats each quarter and two Get Stuff Done sessions each month.

These GSD sessions are a favorite among members and a huge help in their businesses. They are able to check so many things off during these sessions to help them move their businesses forward!

When are the Get Stuff Done sessions?

There are two Get Stuff Done sessions each month for VIPs - one on the first Saturday from 10:00am-noon Pacific and the other on the third Wednesday from 5:00pm-7:00pm Pacific. Times may be adjusted based on member requests and my schedule, but I'll let the VIPs know before we change anything.

Do I need to wait until I have more clients before I join?

Absolutely not! In fact, building a good foundation while you only have a few clients is ideal so you are prepared when the inquiries start rolling in (and they will).

I actually made the mistake of not doing this. I thought I had plenty of time to figure everything out. And then I got 10 inquiries in one month. I wasn't prepared at all. I lost clients because I didn't have my inquiry process ironed out and couldn't send them a proposal right after the discovery/consultation call. The clients I did book received less than stellar client experiences because I didn't have a system for managing my projects and bookings, so I overbooked myself for 3 months in a row. Talk about a nightmare (and no sleep). Learn from my mistake and take the time to build your foundation early.

I just invested in a business coach or group program.

Great! This will go hand-in-hand with what you are doing with your coach. And learning from different experts on different topics is important. Remember in college when you had a different teacher for each class. You wouldn't expect an English professor to teach a Physics class, right? The same is true with business skills. I'm an expert in workflows & productivity, but not so much in other areas of business (like accounting or marketing).

How much contact will I actually have with you in the membership?

  • Each month you'll have access to live trainings and 1:1 assistance from me during the training.
  • You'll also have access to the private Facebook Community where you can ask questions and get answers from me and the other members.
  • VIPs get an extra level of interaction by attending Get Stuff Done sessions twice per month and signing up for a coffee chat with me each quarter.
  • In addition, all members receive priority in my inbox, so feel free to email me anytime.

I'm on a tight budget, but I know I need support.

I completely get that. And I had the same thinking when I first started my business. "I can't spend money until I start making money." But I want you to think about how much you can accomplish in just one training. How much time you can save my learning one new productivity skill. Now that you own your own business time literally equals money. So if one training can save you even 15 minutes, then it's already paid for itself.

Plus, the Basic Membership is cheaper than getting Starbucks once a week. ;) If someone had taught me these things earlier in my business I would have gladly given up one coffee a week!

I'm too busy to do all of this.

If you think you are too busy, then you absolutely need this membership! The skills you learn in the the workshops and in the Get Stuff Done sessions will help you find more time in your day so you can stop saying "I'm busy" and start saying "I'm productive."

A few years ago, I noticed that whenever someone asked me how I was, I would reply with, "Busy, but good." So I decided to remove "busy" from my vocabulary. It. was. hard! But I found that when I stopped defining myself as "busy" I stopped feeling like I didn't have time to do everything I wanted to do. I didn't feel busy, I felt productive. A subtle shift, but it made all the difference.

How much time should I plan on spending on my membership?

On average, each event should last approximately:

  • Workshops - 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Accountability in the Facebook Community - 10-15 minutes per week
  • Get Stuff Done Sessions - 2 hours, twice a month (4 hours total)
  • Quarterly Coffee Chats - 30 minutes

So if you take advantage of everything you can, Basic membership should be about 2.5 hours per month, and VIP membership should be about 7 hours per month.

I think I need more support and accountability. Do you offer that?

I sure do! Check out The Empowered Boss Lab Academy! The Academy is a 3-month program to walk you through creating all of your systems, workflows, and automations to run a streamlined and organized business so you can focus on the creative things.

I also offer 1:1 coaching and consulting. Click the links at the bottom of this page to find out more or email me at

I think I need more support. Take me to The Empowered Boss Lab Academy.

Hi friend!

Oh I'm so glad you are here and I can't wait to get to know you better! I'm the lady in the photo to the right (or above if you're on mobile). I'm obsessed with organizing, productivity, and teaching. As a trained educator (I have a BS in Secondary Education, Science & a BS in Physics), I know how important it is to have good, fun, and energetic teachers that understand how the brain works and how people learn new skills.

In fact, one of my core beliefs is that A) a teacher must be excited about the content they are teaching, and B) students must experience what they are learning. That's why I've set up The Empowered Boss Lab the way I have. To allow you to not just learn, but to experience. I left the classroom in 2012 when my hubby and I moved from Missouri to California, but the teacher inside of me still burns bright. In fact, I think it has and will my whole life. ;) 

If you’ve know me for any time at all, you know that I love to be organized and to have a plan. I love to learn and absorb knowledge, but also to share that knowledge with those around me. Nothing makes me happier than hopping on a quick video call with family, friends, and clients to help them figure out something on their website, take a look at a graphic they've made, or just brainstorm ideas with them. 

I can't wait to add you to that list!