Making the Most of Your Time and Energy to Boost Productivity and Create Authenticity with Andrea Ouellette

Andrea helps overworked, underpaid female entrepreneurs preserve their energy + nurture their inspiration so they can grow with ease and add fun into their business. Today Andrea is sharing all of her tips for using your energy to help you run your business - from determining what tasks you should and shouldn't be doing to how to organize your time, from knowing when to invest in paid tools to giving yourself time to step away from the computer.

If you have been feeling like maybe you aren't cut out for this entrepreneurship thing - this episode is for you!

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10+ Simple Ways to Make Sure You Actually Eat When You Work From Home

One of the most common struggles among entrepreneurs is remembering to eat throughout the day. You jump right into work in the morning and then get to the end of the day and realize you haven't eaten all day. That you've just been chugging coffee but haven't had anything nourishing. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite tips to help you make sure you are eating (and drinking) throughout the day.

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5 Ways to Increase the Client Experience & Create Deeper Relationships Without Spending a Dime with Quianna Marie

Quianna Marie is a wedding photographer obsessed with light, love + stress free weddings. She loves pouring her heart into clients before they book all the way until their final wedding album delivery.

As a photographer she strives to ensure my couples and their families truly FEEL like their wedding was the best day of their lives, not just look pretty. She is a master at making her clients and their wedding party fall in love with her and refer her to all their friends without spending any money at all.

And today she's sharing 5 ways that are super easy and completely free to help increase that client experience and create deep relationships with your clients. These are things you can start doing today!

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Why Sharing Your Story Will Always Be Stronger Than Other Marketing & Sales Trends with Michelle Knight

Michelle Knight is a Branding and Business Mentor at Brand Merry who supports her clients at every stage from launching, running and scaling their brand and business with true authenticity. She specializes in vulnerable and authentic online marketing with a passion for strategy, supporting my clients in implementing strategies and systems that will contribute to their bigger brand vision.

In this episode, Michelle shares how to use your story to connect with your audience and make marketing and sales nearly effortless. She also gives us tips for being vulnerable on social media and how to get over our fear.

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Creating a Sustainable Business by Playing the Long Game with Stefanie Lugo

Stefanie Lugo is a REALTOR, House flipper, Educator in the Phoenix, AZ area and she loves helping real estate professionals create a scalable, sustainable businesses based on easy-to-maneuver systems and workflows. She focuses on long-term solutions that not only allow her to be more productive but will also grow with her and her businesses (she has 3!).

In today's episode Stefanie shares a TON of knowledge with us about creating a sustainable business by playing the long game. By looking for solutions and systems that not only work right now, but will also grow with you and help you serve more clients down the road. She touches on using your metrics, the Eisenhower Method, investing in your business, client experience, and asking for help, among other things.

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Using PR to Become an Expert and Grow Your Audience with Monica Woodhams

Monica Woodhams is the owner of 45 Fairmount, LLC where she helps female entrepreneurs and influences establish their expertise beyond their immediate network by getting them booked on podcasts. In addition to producing two podcasts of her own - Influencer Girl Lifestyle and How to Pretend to Like Sports - Monica shares her expertise in her self-study course, Influencer Girl Lifestyle Success School Self Study, and does all the behind the scenes work for publishing and pitching podcasts for her clients. In this episode, Monica shares all about what PR (public relations) actually is, why it's essential to any business, and how to leverage it to become an expert and grow your audience.

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Staying True to Yourself and Taking Purposeful Action with Chante Gulley

Chante Gulley is the owner of Forever Taken Weddings & Events, a boutique event planning company that helps busy couples plan the wedding of their dreams and takes the lead on wedding day so that each couple can be a guest at their wedding. Chante is a huge believer in knowing why you are doing something, using her vision to both propel her forward and make even the smallest of business decisions. In this episode we dive into letting go of expectations so you can stay true to yourself, how to find and be a good accountability partner, and getting ranked on Google without blogging every day (or even every week).

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Interns, Coaches, and Therapists - Finding the Right People to Help You Grow with Becca Booker

Becca is the owner/CEO of According to Bbook where she works with small businesses to provide them with strategic social media management & Facebook advertising services to grow their online presence. In this episode we dive into how she finds the right people to help her grow her biz. From interns to coaches and therapists, having the right support system around you is key to moving to the next level. We also chat how she uses both Asana and Trello in her biz and she shares a bunch of tips for your social media. (Freebie inside)

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Using Your Mission and Vision Statements to Simplify Decision-Making

Deciding what ideas to act on and what ideas should take a back burner, what direction to go next, or even if you should take on a certain client is sometimes (often) difficult.

But when we use our mission and vision statements as a lens for evaluating all of these decisions, the answers become crystal clear. In today's episode I walk you through creating or revising your mission and vision statements I share my exact process for using them to make decisions.

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Blazing Your Own Path & Finding Your Passion with Laura Voss

Laura is the Owner & Chief Confidence Coach at Oh My Fitness Coaching where she serves and empowers women that are ready to stop putting themselves last on the list. Today she shares about her journey from personal trainer to fitness coach and now to wellness coach, the impact sheโ€™s making, and getting comfortable standing in your own power both within your biz and in life.

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