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Creating a Sustainable Business by Playing the Long Game with Stefanie Lugo

Stefanie Lugo is a REALTOR, House flipper, Educator in the Phoenix, AZ area and she loves helping real estate professionals create a scalable, sustainable businesses based on easy-to-maneuver systems and workflows. She focuses on long-term solutions that not only allow her to be more productive but will also grow with her and her businesses (she has 3!).

In today's episode Stefanie shares a TON of knowledge with us about creating a sustainable business by playing the long game. By looking for solutions and systems that not only work right now, but will also grow with you and help you serve more clients down the road. She touches on using your metrics, the Eisenhower Method, investing in your business, client experience, and asking for help, among other things.

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Using PR to Become an Expert and Grow Your Audience with Monica Woodhams

Monica Woodhams is the owner of 45 Fairmount, LLC where she helps female entrepreneurs and influences establish their expertise beyond their immediate network by getting them booked on podcasts. In addition to producing two podcasts of her own - Influencer Girl Lifestyle and How to Pretend to Like Sports - Monica shares her expertise in her self-study course, Influencer Girl Lifestyle Success School Self Study, and does all the behind the scenes work for publishing and pitching podcasts for her clients. In this episode, Monica shares all about what PR (public relations) actually is, why it's essential to any business, and how to leverage it to become an expert and grow your audience.

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Interns, Coaches, and Therapists - Finding the Right People to Help You Grow with Becca Booker

Becca is the owner/CEO of According to Bbook where she works with small businesses to provide them with strategic social media management & Facebook advertising services to grow their online presence. In this episode we dive into how she finds the right people to help her grow her biz. From interns to coaches and therapists, having the right support system around you is key to moving to the next level. We also chat how she uses both Asana and Trello in her biz and she shares a bunch of tips for your social media. (Freebie inside)

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