March 2018 Tech Pretties

Tech Pretties are now on - Helping creatives feel more organized, serve more clients, and live the life of their dreams through design, education, coaching, & consultation.

It's finally time to bring Tech Pretties over here to Chelsea B Foster. You've seen 'em and loved over on Peony Printshop and now they are coming to live over here. 

What are tech pretties?

They are beautiful backgrounds and wallpapers for all your tech devices. Download and save to your desktop, laptop. tablet, and mobile phone. Not sure how to do this? Check out my tutorials. (coming soon!)

Each month I create and share a new tech pretty design (sometimes more than one design - like February 2018 when I shared 4 designs!). And they are absolutely free!

I originally started them because I wanted a calendar on my desktop and decided to share them for fun. And a lot of you seem to really like them! So I keep sharing them each and every month.

How do I get my tech pretties?

Just fill out the form below and they'll be sent to your inbox. After you confirm your subscription, you'll get new tech pretties delivered straight to your inbox each month - and usually a day before I release them on the website! Wahoo for insider status! 


March Tech Pretties are now on


About this month's design

March is a pretty special month - it's my half birthday (which I celebrate! because I 100% love everything birthday) and St. Patrick's Day. And this year we have a few religious holidays thrown in there too.

For this design I went all St. Paddy's day with green and gold everywhere. In the background you'll find a muted pattern celebrating all the fun that St. Paddy's day represents. Here's a closer look:

March Tech Pretties now on

For those of you that don't know, I am not an illustrator. So I rely on the amazing talents of those that are gifted in this skill. And this month I'm loving the work in the "St. Patrick's Outline Icons" graphics pack by ekmelica* - ain't it pretty?

Also used in this month's tech pretty design are the fonts: 

Okay, enough admiring. Time to download your own tech pretty! Add your info below and then go check your inbox for them. Remember, tech pretties are for personal use only. Thanks!

Downloads are for personal use only. Thanks, love!

Design: Peony Printshop
Fonts: Foxglow*, Caviar Dreams, Montserrat

Graphics: St. Patrick's Day Outline Icons* by ekmelica

* Affiliate link -- I don't often share affiliate links, but I love this product and know you will too!  I get a commission when you purchase this font/graphic from Creative Market using the link above.