New Services Added!

New Services added here at CBF + How I Built My Biz Around My Life (not the other way around) || | Design, Education, Coaching, and Consultation for Creative Small Businesses & Solopreneurs

I’m so excited today because I finally get to announce that I’m adding new services here at CBF headquarters! Before I share what they are, let me take a step back and explain why they are being added. 

By now you’ve probably heard that my dad recently had a stroke. Throughout February, I’ve been traveling back and forth between Missouri (where he lives) and California (where I live). And though it’s been difficult, it has also been a catalyst to help me re-evaluate my own biz systems to add even more efficiency. So, throughout February I took a step back to assess where I can simplify, where I can streamline, and where I can just get rid of redundant or excessive tasks. (You know…. All the things I do for my clients.) 


And the most glaringly obvious improvement I could make was to... 


So, that's exactly what I'm doing!

Peony Printshop is now Chelsea B Foster -- Two brands now have one home at | Design, Education, Coaching, and Consultation for Creative Small Businesses & Solopreneurs

Chelsea B Foster will now include the graphic design services I previously provided over at Peony Printshop. In addition to my coaching and consulting services, I’ll be designing graphics and marketing materials for all you small creative biz owners & solopreneurs. And I'll be adding so much for you with the time I’m saving.  


More,More, More, More


This change is all so I can provide you with more: 


Now that I don’t have to worry about building content for two websites, two social media accounts, and two pinterest accounts, I plan on taking that extra time and adding even more educational opportunities for you. Because at my core I’m an educator through and through. And I want to help you create the business and life of your dreams. (And I’ve got a really, really exciting opportunity for ya coming up - stay tuned!)


By focusing all of my attention on small businesses, I’m able to spend more time creating products that you’ll love and need - like a new template library - coming very soon! It’s going to include workflow templates for Asana and Trello, social media graphics packs, workbook templates, opt-in templates, and more! If you have something you’d love to see in the library, let me know and I’ll prioritize it. :)


Simplifying will also allow me spend time doing activities that allow me to rest and re-energize - reading more books, going for walks, date nights with my hubby, taking my fur-baby to the dog park, etc. All of which will give me the space to pour even more energy into helping you and your biz grow and thrive. Self-care is so important to me, especially as an introvert who loves her alone time and needs time in the same space as my hubby to really feel like my best self. And I know you can relate. 


Again - I’ll have more time to spend with YOU. That means more coffee chats and strategy sessions are being added to my calendar. More workshops, facebook and instagram lives, and youtube trainings, more coaching slots.. Plus all new office hours where you can ask me all your burning workflow and productivity questions. You’re going to see a lot more of me and I’ll be a lot more visible and accessible to you (even when I’m traveling). . 


Building My Biz Around My Life

(not the other way around)

The biggest reason for this change goes straight to the heart of my brand and is a major why for owning my own business - family. Family is everything to me. I built my business online, specifically so that I could travel to be with family when they need me. And you know I travel all the time to be with my grandma (in Arizona) and now to be with my dad (plus fun trips throughout the year too). While the work of caregiving is draining at times, it is also so rewarding. I want my family to know they are loved so deeply and they are worth everything I have to give. I’ve intentionally built my business so that it supports that. 

By the way, when you read my blog, attend a workshop, show up for office hours, or take advantage of all of the amazing opportunities I’ve got coming your way, you become family to me and I’ll love you just as fiercely as if we were blood sisters.  

By the end of March, both business will be joined together and be happily living right here on In addition to workflow and productivity posts, you’ll start seeing more design posts as well. I can’t wait to spoil y’all with biz designs! 

What questions do you still have about the merge? I want to answer them all! 

Chelsea B Foster