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7 Steps to De-Program Your Fears & Rewrite Your Success Story

Running your own business is scary. And it brings up a lot of fears that you may or may not have ever known you even had. In this episode I’m sharing the 7 step process of letting go of the fears and then rewriting the beliefs so we can stop letting the fear hold us back and we can find incredible success.

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Brainstorming as a Solopreneur with Carrie Anton & Jessica Nordskog

Carrie & Jessica met while working at American Girl, and are now the business owners of Wonder: An Idea Studio where they offer creative training sessions and guided brainstorming services when product, process, and other ideation solutions are needed. On today's episode they're sharing a few of their favorite brainstorming techniques for solopreneurs that are featured in their upcoming book: Me, Myself & Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Brainstorming Solo.

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What's Your Purpose?

Knowing why you are running your business is so important! We often will first get clear on who we are serving and how we are serving them, without thinking about why the heck we started our business in the first place. What is the purpose of it in our life? How is it going to get me to my freedom lifestyle?

Today's episode is a little different. I'm guiding you through a journaling activity to help you gain clarity on what your purpose is for your business. Not just what you do, but what is the legacy you want to leave behind. This will help you refine (or write) your Mission & Vision statements for your business and make decisions moving forward.

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The Most Important Part of Running Your Own Business

As entrepreneurs we are dreamers - we love to learn and create and think of new ways of serving our audience.  We all have a mile-long list of ideas we want to try or content we want to write/produce, but we often let it stop there. Leaving all those ideas on a list somewhere. 

Today I’m sharing why Implementation is the most important part of being an entrepreneur - and how you aren’t really an entrepreneur if you aren’t implementing. I’m also sharing how you can make sure that you put into action the things you are learning in your inbox, webinars, and courses. 

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Dubsado's New Features: What to Know & How to Use Them In YOUR Biz

Dubsado just celebrated their 3rd birthday! And they spoiled their users with some amazing feature releases! Today I'm going through all 5 feature releases, why they are so amazing, and how you can use them in your business.

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How to Know When to Invest In a Tool for Your Business

Knowing when to stay on the free plan and when it's time to upgrade to the paid plan of a tool (like Asana/Trello, Zapier, Acuity/Calendly) can be tricky. Even trickier -- when is it time to switch away from free tools to a tool that is only paid? Today I'm sharing how I go about thinking through this decision with my clients and for my own business. If you're wondering if now is the time to start paying for a tool, listen in.

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Biz Real Talk: Feeling Uninspired Sometimes is Normal + What To Do About It

Everyone says owning your own business is a roller coaster full of ups and downs -- but we often only get to see the ups. Even though we all have those downs too. So today I'm breaking the silence on feeling down in your business and how we all feel uninspired sometimes. Plus I'm sharing what I'm doing to help me get re-inspired and feel connected to my business again and how you can do it too.

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