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Reading as a Form of Self-care

It's finally here, THE episode you guys have been asking for; my journey to reading 100 books in a year. During this solo episode I'm sharing how I found my passion for reading all over again and how I use it today as a form of self-care. We're also diving into my favorite niche of books, my top tips on utilizing all of the different book formats to your advantage, and how to use book reading as a gateway to form new habits in both your personal life and your business.

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7 Steps to De-Program Your Fears & Rewrite Your Success Story

Running your own business is scary. And it brings up a lot of fears that you may or may not have ever known you even had. In this episode I’m sharing the 7 step process of letting go of the fears and then rewriting the beliefs so we can stop letting the fear hold us back and we can find incredible success.

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Identifying Your "Queen Bee" Role & Realigning Your Focus Through Systems and Outsourcing

Kate Jones is the owner of Kate Waldo + Co. and she helps bloggers and influencers who are sick of spending countless hours on administrative work, get and stay organized with the admin tasks of their business so that they can get back to doing what they love.

In today’s episodes, we geek out a little over systems, outsourcing, and automations in your business. We're breaking down what to outsource and knowing when it's time to get support, Kate's favorite systems she uses for herself and her clients, and how to choose your "queen bee" role in your business in the beginning to allow your business to flow so much easier.

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Enriching Your Life and Business with Systems and Workflows with Sarah Williams of Rebel Office

Sarah Williams is the owner of Rebel Office and during this live episode she's sharing her go-to systems for setting up and running your business and life properly through intention setting, mindfulness and workflows. She's also sharing the importance of stepping away from your laptop to get outside every single day and soaking in the moments of gratitude to allow yourself to receive more.

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Taking Back Your Power to Prepare For Your Next Launch with Tonya Vanderhart

Tonya is back for part two on the podcast! And we're chatting all about mindset, the power of visualization, her go-to tips to mentally prepare for launches in our businesses and as athletes, plus how to move forward despite fear and work through resistance when it comes to building a team. Tonya helps both athletes and entrepreneurs overcome limiting beliefs so they can take back their power to move forward in your business or sport to achieve the level of success they desire.

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How to Build a Thriving Business With Less Hustle and More Flow with Hannah McKeel Young

Hannah is a Lifestyle Design Consultant who helps people break their goals, dreams, and desires into actionable steps and then hold them accountable so they can make it happen. In this episode, Hannah shares what exactly "lifestyle design" is and how we can apply it to businesses so we can feel more fulfilled without all the non-stop hustle, plus why she chooses to do things that feel good above all else.

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