The Top 4 Features in Gmail (you didn't even know existed)

The Top 4 Features of Gmail (you didn't even know existed!) || - Workflow & Productivity Education & Coaching

We've all been there...


You type out a message and leave it open on our computer, not quite ready to send it... And then something happens - maybe your cat runs across your keyboard or your dog knocks over your coffee mug - and the message gets sent.  

... or ...

You're in a hurry and you need some information from an email someone (you can't remember who) sent you probably like a month ago (or maybe it was more like two months ago?). And you can't move on on your work until you find that info.

... or ...

You open your email to see 5 basically identical emails from clients or leads asking the same questions. And you spend an hour responding to all of their emails with the same message. 

... or ...

You receive so many emails every day - most of them junk or email lists you signed up for just to get that freebie - that you miss an important message from your client about the project you are currently working on. 


Seriously... we've all been there! (Me included!) But I've figured out some tricks to ease these situations (and more!). 

In today's video I'm sharing some of my favorite Gmail features that you probably haven't heard of. They are easy to turn on and start using. Most of them are just a couple clicks. And they have made managing my inbox so much easier.


Inside today's training:

  • UNDO SEND - Give yourself a second chance at sending that email and save face before you accidentally send out an incomplete or embarrassing emails. 
  • GMAIL SEARCH - Never spend hours looking for emails again! Quickly find anything that's in your inbox or archives.
  • CANNED RESPONSES - Save email templates for common emails so your response is just a few quick clicks.
  • INBOX CATEGORIES - Organize your inbox with tabs (categories) so your important messages never slip through the cracks.

Now go turn all these features on and start taming your inbox overwhelm! 

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