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Quisque iaculis facilisis lacinia. Mauris euismod pellentesque tellus sit amet mollis.
— Pablo

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REAL TALK: Not every day is pretty when you run your own business.⁠
I have yet to have a single month go the way I planned. Mostly because life has been pretty intense these last few years. Between helping care for my grandma in Phoenix (she's in a clinical trial for a rare immune disease) and my dad in Missouri (he had a stroke last year) - most of which has been very last minute - plus attempting to still have my own life, I often find business taking a back seat. ⁠
I used to beat myself up about that. A lot. Like a WHOLE lot! But one thing I've realized in the last 6 months is that, for me, life will usually come first. And that's a-okay with me right now. ⁠
You see, I started this business so I could stay home with kids one day (that's the vision). And while we don't have kids yet, I've done plenty of "staying home" with my grandma and dad. And these are moments that I wouldn't be allowed to have if I didn't have my own online business (and if I didn't have an amazing husband that supports me so much). ⁠
I'm not saying these days are easy - because they aren't - but I am thankful for them. Even when I have to rearrange my schedule, it's worth it. ⁠
So if you are like me, and choosing to let life reign in this season, know that you are in exactly the right place. And your business will still go on - maybe at a smaller scale, but still on. Keep doing your best and let go of any guilt you have because your choices are perfect for you and your situation.

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