Why You NEED A Scheduling App

Burnout-Proof Your Biz Podcast with Chelsea B Foster  | Episode 002 - Why You NEED a Scheduling App -- ASAP! | Learn how to run your biz and live your dream life on your own terms without the fear of burnout.

Have you ever double booked an appointment slot? Or agreed to do a client meeting on a day when you really needed to publish a blog post? Or gone back and forth over email for what seems like days trying to schedule a quick meeting?

Of course you have! We all have. But there's a better way! 

In today’s episode I’m sharing exactly why you need a scheduling app for your small creative business (hint - it acts like an assistant) and some of the best (and free) options on the market.


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In today's episode:

  • Why CEOs don’t schedule their own meetings - and you shouldn't be either!
  • How a scheduling app actually gives you MORE control over your time and your calendar - not less.
  • Two of my favorite scheduling apps that also have free plans - Acuity Scheduling* & Calendly.
  • Tips on how to give your scheduling app a personal touch.


Apps Discussed:

My two favorite scheduling apps on the market right now are Acuity Scheduling* and Calendly. I personally use and absolutely can't get enough of Acuity* - I love how easy it is to create events and restrictions and how much I can customize it (plus I get a paid plan for free with my SquareSpace account). But I used Calendly when I first started using scheduling apps and loved it too! 

If you can't decide between the two, try 'em both out on the free plan for a little bit and see which one you like more. Be sure to look at both the your side of the app and the client side of the app to make sure you like it and it's easy to use for your clients. 

And if you want someone to just set it up for you - I've got your back! (Because I know how not fun it can be to learn and set up a new program.) I do done-for-you setups for both apps, which include creating your events, adding any scheduling restrictions, crafting reminder emails, customizing it all so it looks and sounds like it's coming from your brand, and teaching you how to use it! 

* An affiliate link meaning I get a small payment when you sign up for a paid plan using my link. 


Today's Permission Slip:

Each episode I give you a permission slip - a reminder to give yourself permission to run your business and live your dream life on your own terms. Today's is to give yourself permission to protect your time. To not sacrifice that much needed time away from others to get the behind-the-scenes things done in your business. To be able to say no without having to say the word - and let your scheduling app say it for you. 

Your Permission Slip | Episode 2 of Burnout-Proof Your Biz with Chelsea B Foster | Listen at www.burnoutproofyourbiz.com.

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Your Permission Slip | Episode 2 of Burnout-Proof Your Biz with Chelsea B Foster | Listen at www.burnoutproofyourbiz.com.

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