Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

Wendy Garrido helps spiritually minded experts get into alignment with who you are today. She's an expert at finding creative solutions where other people see roadblocks. In this episode she's sharing what she's learned about herself, the world, and business along her journey, and what parts transformed her life forever. She's giving us so many amazing tips on how to recognize what's important to remain present, how to connect with that voice inside your head, and why it's best to be looking at what you want to do vs. what you should be doing.

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Identifying Your "Queen Bee" Role & Realigning Your Focus Through Systems and Outsourcing

Kate Jones is the owner of Kate Waldo + Co. and she helps bloggers and influencers who are sick of spending countless hours on administrative work, get and stay organized with the admin tasks of their business so that they can get back to doing what they love.

In today’s episodes, we geek out a little over systems, outsourcing, and automations in your business. We're breaking down what to outsource and knowing when it's time to get support, Kate's favorite systems she uses for herself and her clients, and how to choose your "queen bee" role in your business in the beginning to allow your business to flow so much easier.

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Welcome to Season 2

I can’t believe it’s already been a full year since I started the podcast! Episode 001 was released on June 26, 2018. I've learned a lot over the past year of producing nearly 70 episodes of the podcast and I'm spilling the beans on my top 5 lessons. And they apply to more than just podcasting! In fact, they apply to your entire business.

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Enriching Your Life and Business with Systems and Workflows with Sarah Williams of Rebel Office

Sarah Williams is the owner of Rebel Office and during this live episode she's sharing her go-to systems for setting up and running your business and life properly through intention setting, mindfulness and workflows. She's also sharing the importance of stepping away from your laptop to get outside every single day and soaking in the moments of gratitude to allow yourself to receive more.

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Taking Back Your Power to Prepare For Your Next Launch with Tonya Vanderhart

Tonya is back for part two on the podcast! And we're chatting all about mindset, the power of visualization, her go-to tips to mentally prepare for launches in our businesses and as athletes, plus how to move forward despite fear and work through resistance when it comes to building a team. Tonya helps both athletes and entrepreneurs overcome limiting beliefs so they can take back their power to move forward in your business or sport to achieve the level of success they desire.

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How to Build a Thriving Business With Less Hustle and More Flow with Hannah McKeel Young

Hannah is a Lifestyle Design Consultant who helps people break their goals, dreams, and desires into actionable steps and then hold them accountable so they can make it happen. In this episode, Hannah shares what exactly "lifestyle design" is and how we can apply it to businesses so we can feel more fulfilled without all the non-stop hustle, plus why she chooses to do things that feel good above all else.

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Launching your Business Legally with Braden Drake of Braden Drake Law

Braden Drake of Braden Drake Law is your gay best friend but an attorney who can also do your taxes. Helping you reduce confusion and stress when it comes to filing the right paperwork when starting a business. And today he's here to share how you can launch your business legally. Plus the different types of business entities, what they mean, and which one is ideal for you.

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Brainstorming as a Solopreneur with Carrie Anton & Jessica Nordskog

Carrie & Jessica met while working at American Girl, and are now the business owners of Wonder: An Idea Studio where they offer creative training sessions and guided brainstorming services when product, process, and other ideation solutions are needed. On today's episode they're sharing a few of their favorite brainstorming techniques for solopreneurs that are featured in their upcoming book: Me, Myself & Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Brainstorming Solo.

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Living & Running a Business Mindfully with Hannah Lowe Corman and Emily Souder

Hannah and Emily are multi-passionate creatives with a passion for sharing how to live mindfully every day. They met online from a coffee chat, are now biz besties, and together created their Facebook Group: Finding Space: a mindful life. In this episode, they share their go-to tips for living mindfully and staying connected to who we are first as humans, and then bringing that into our businesses.

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What's Your Purpose?

Knowing why you are running your business is so important! We often will first get clear on who we are serving and how we are serving them, without thinking about why the heck we started our business in the first place. What is the purpose of it in our life? How is it going to get me to my freedom lifestyle?

Today's episode is a little different. I'm guiding you through a journaling activity to help you gain clarity on what your purpose is for your business. Not just what you do, but what is the legacy you want to leave behind. This will help you refine (or write) your Mission & Vision statements for your business and make decisions moving forward.

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Simple Steps to Start Utilizing Pinterest for Your Business with Jenny Suneson of Confetti Social

Jenny is the genius behind Confetti Social where she helps female entrepreneurs become the life of the party on social media + attract their dream clients by perfecting their Pinterest strategy and growing their traffic, email list, and income. Today she’s here to share some incredibly actionable tips for getting started with Pinterest for Business Whether you are brand new and just dipping your toes in or if you are ready to take it up a notch to start driving major traffic to your site using Tailwind & Pinterest, Jenny's got you covered.

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The Most Important Part of Running Your Own Business

As entrepreneurs we are dreamers - we love to learn and create and think of new ways of serving our audience.  We all have a mile-long list of ideas we want to try or content we want to write/produce, but we often let it stop there. Leaving all those ideas on a list somewhere. 

Today I’m sharing why Implementation is the most important part of being an entrepreneur - and how you aren’t really an entrepreneur if you aren’t implementing. I’m also sharing how you can make sure that you put into action the things you are learning in your inbox, webinars, and courses. 

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PR Strategies to Steal From Influencers and Use in Your Service-Based Business with Katherine McDermott of Slightly Savvy

Katherine is the founder of Slightly Savvy and the Swipe Up Podcast where she helps influencers work with brands on collaborations of their dreams. She's here to share all of her knowledge of working on brand collaborations with us and give us some strategies that we can steal from world of influencers - because let's be honest, who wouldn't want to get paid to talk about the products they love?

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Dubsado's New Features: What to Know & How to Use Them In YOUR Biz

Dubsado just celebrated their 3rd birthday! And they spoiled their users with some amazing feature releases! Today I'm going through all 5 feature releases, why they are so amazing, and how you can use them in your business.

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Trust, Problem-Solving, & Tolerances: Preventing Burnout While Growing an Agency from the Ground Up with Ashley Mahoney of Hello Big Idea

Ashley Mahoney, Owner & Creative Direct of Hello Big Idea, grew her creative agency from nothing. She went on an Eat, Pray, Love trip to reconnect with herself and see if she could make this idea she had work. 3 months later, she returned home with a company and began growing an agency. Today she's sharing how she's been able to grow so fast and prevent herself from burning out along the way.

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The COMPLETE Dubsado Training

You’ve heard me talk about how much I LOVE Dubsado. It’s my go-to product for managing my leads and client on-boarding. It makes sending proposals and getting paid so easy and fast.

No joke, most of my clients sign and pay within an hour of receiving their proposal. And I’m able to send out a proposal in less than 10 minutes! So consult to booked and paid in under 70 minutes!

I’m sharing all my secrets and teaching you how you can get booked in an hour too!

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How to Know When to Invest In a Tool for Your Business

Knowing when to stay on the free plan and when it's time to upgrade to the paid plan of a tool (like Asana/Trello, Zapier, Acuity/Calendly) can be tricky. Even trickier -- when is it time to switch away from free tools to a tool that is only paid? Today I'm sharing how I go about thinking through this decision with my clients and for my own business. If you're wondering if now is the time to start paying for a tool, listen in.

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Turning Your Creative Outlet Into a Business that You Love with Ashley Hasty

A few years ago Ashley Hasty, creator of Hasty Book List, was burning out, trying to make a 4-hour (each way) commute work with a job she loved in a career she loved teaching fashion history - and she needed something to help relieve her anxiety and help her focus on the positives. So she leaned on something creative to distract herself on the long drives and help her find joy again.

She began listening to audiobooks and sharing her thoughts her blog, one book at a time. Soon she started interviewing authors and book jacket designers. And after a while authors and publishers started sending her books to read and share with her audience. In the midst of this, she hit a breaking point with her 9-5. So she gave herself permission to work on Hasty Book List exclusively and found she loved it as a business too. Today Ashley works part-time as an consultant for Universities on fashion history and manages Hasty Book List, where she blogs, does bookstore tours, interviews authors, and more!

Today she's sharing how she managed her burnout, stayed open to possibilities, and ended up turning her creative outlet into a daily blog and business.

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